Pilgor is the goat protagonist in the video game Goat Simulator. Because the objective of the game is purely to terrorize the town of Goat Ville, as well as Goat City Bay, the goat's background is not explained. She is however indicated as female.[1] She begins her rampage in a fenced area on the property of a house where Jolle, Line and Molle are found, further suggesting the goat belongs to someone in the house. Pilgor's name is a reference to Kenny Hotz's one-time goat in the television series Kenny vs. Spenny. Although the name is not listed in any the game's texts, Coffee Stain Studios AB's Armin Ibrisagic approached Hotz on Twitter to receive his blessing in using the name.[2] Hotz is given special thanks in the game's credits for his cooperation.


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  2. Armin Ibrisagic: "Glad you liked Goat Simulator man. Is it okay if we use the name Pilgor?" Kenny Hotz: "please!". Twitter. February 6, 2014.

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