Marie standing outside the goatfighting ring.

Marie is a character in the video game Goat Simulator. She can be found in several areas of the town, sporting jeans and a yellow shirt. This character is a reference to Marie Ekberg, a designer at Coffee Stain Studios AB where Goat Simulator was developed. If you look at the picture of Marie standing outside of the goat fighting ring she is actually floating. Marie may be in a relationship with Styvman in Goat City Bay, they can be seen talking together at the dam and seem to be breaking up at the Skate Ramp. Styvman is also seen sad on the lower roof of the unfinished house, which could relate to them breaking up.


The following is a list of locations where Marie can be found in the Classic Map.

  • Among the crowd watching a car drift around the tall grass.
  • Enjoying a barbecue with several friends.
  • Joining protestors at a rally near the Helvete tunnel.
  • Two Maries are among the crowd at the goatfighting ring.
  • Working as a cashier at the gas station.

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