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Humans otherwise known as 'humanoids' or 'homo sapiens' are a domestic species that populates the areas of Goat Ville and Goat City Bay, where they doing normal activities like communicating with other humans or doing N/A. They appear as a neutral and aggressive NPC, and often run away if frightened, or attack Pilgor if feeling threaten.

History Edit

During the medieval ages of around 1662 in the Goat region, humans lived in remote villages and often communicated with each other. A few had jobs like farming and traded with others. Sometime after the Goat and Sheep wars, humans recognised goats as gods and built monuments out of them. During the 19th to 20th century, humans have already built a vast majority of cities and rural areas. They had domesticated goats in the most of the Goat Region and began using money to purchase items as such. In the 21st century, the population of human beings expanded by more then 50% and started destroying goat habitats.

Only one goat named Pilgor is on the war against humans, and will do what it takes to destroy humans. The humans now recognise their former gods as evil little pesks.

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